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The Mowgli’s at Brooklyn Bowl Nov 2013

It was a cold night for venturing into Brooklyn but after falling in love with the Mowgli’s a few weeks prior, I had no choice. My friends and I arrived at Brooklyn Bowl just in time to grab a beer before the second band played.

The bands tour is called Random Acts of Kindness, and honestly their fans take it to heart. A cute girl ordered an extra beer and offered it to us within minutes of arriving. A minute later we were talking to new friends from Louisiana who had come to support the second band Savage Teeth. I cannot over emphasize how positive, friendly and delightful the people around us were.

The first thing to know about The Savage Teeth is that they are very proud of where they came from. It suddenly made sense why their fans roadtripped out to NY after hearing songs dedicated to Lousiana slang (like Ma Hala) which I’ve never heard of. Their warmth invited us to be part of it even when we didn’t understand what it meant – it still pulled on us.

The lead male singer burst out light like an active volcano, smashing his personal drum and rebounding off into the air. Minutes later hopping off stage mid-song for a photo shoot with his fans. The female singer was a little more reserved – she was enigmatic, beautiful and had a great voice. When the band quieted down, her voice would rise above and we all agreed that we wanted to hear more of her. The drummer may have been what made the band for me. His enthusiasm and bubbling energy bordered on satirical, I even think he was seated less often than he was standing. His goofy oversized shirt and hat matched his oversized personality.

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