Response to US Entry Ban

There will always be evil in this world. People in every country are making decisions each day which move them further in one direction or the other. Blocking flights will not stop this. At best it will do nothing, at worst it will create more hatred.

The uncomfortable truth, is that the terrorists believe they are righteous. History has shown that spiritual conviction is not quelled by force, which is why no matter how far ahead America’s military gets, it has no power in this fight. The more I think about it, this is a spiritual war. To win it, we need to prioritize a campaign of anti-propaganda and access to information. We should connect with the insular communities of the world and create global citizens.

Spreading truth allows us to treat the root of the disease instead of the symptoms. As people are more informed, they are less likely to believe “America is evil.” – instead they may even turn on the cult leaders themselves. Spreading the truth requires people to interact with outside cultures and necessitates freedom of travel across borders.

3 thoughts on “Response to US Entry Ban

  1. Imperial Japan most definitely was quelled by force, less than a century ago.
    So have been… Italy, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, several ME states.

    Well written articles in Dabiq mock you for considering their different choices ignorant. Values differences exist and there is not always an intellectual middle ground to be had.

    Given the worldwide failure of the idea you’re pushing here, it’d be interesting to see you take on demographic & ideological issues from a non-open borders angle.

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