About Me

I am a life-long problem solver. I particularly love optimizing human processes – making people more efficient in everything they do. I love bio-hacks, life-hacks, vim-hacks, zsh-hacks and learning how to make myself and my team more productive.


P4-DIFF – During my time at FactSet I developed p4-diff – a tool which gives warnings when a commit would increase the cyclomatic complexity of the code base. This early detection system helped deter fellow engineers from the easy one-off flags which introduce tech-debt. It encouraged the mentality of polymorphism before conditionality which plagued our code-base.

Squash – When I started at JW Player we had a one-man QA team and a world of troubles. Our test-plans involved a google spreadsheet, a folder of custom html pages and weeks worth of work. I observed the system, took note of its weaknesses and designed Squash – a testing framework which combines Feature files with a harness which can load and run custom configurations. It tracks the browser used, who did the testing and when, as well as the specific build off of Jenkins and the branch from github.

Tofu – In my spare time, I maintain my teenage obsession project; a data-scraping, analyzing and website enhancer for kingsofchaos.com. This (now) ancient text-based mmorpg has been an amazing training ground for me to learn and hone my skills in web technology. The script is open-source, but the db is private due to the profligacy of hackers in the KingsOfChaos community.


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