I am a full-stack engineer. I enjoy learning how things work and fixing them from the inside out. In order to focus my time and expertise, I now work exclusively with web-technologies.

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Execute deliverables. Given any codebase, I can quickly and efficiently fix bugs, add features and leave the source in a better place than it started. I can create and update websites and web-apps in minimal time. I can help navigate the world of open-source software, to leverage it’s power in your projects – helping steer clear of fads which come and go, while utilizing the technologies which are here to stay.

Performance Optimization. I am a veteran in the ongoing war against lag. Information is the key to victory, and conducting a solid performance audit is the first step. This involves analyzing the current bottlenecks, and code hot-paths, then finding solutions and optimizations. This touches everything from startup/load time to the responsive look-and-feel of an app or website.

Productivity Optimization. One of my passions is finding and eliminating the human inefficiencies which crop up when scaling a company from seed to enterprise. My goal is to ensure that every hour of work by a programmer creates value for the end-user. I can reliably and reproducibly achieve this through custom build-systems which automate code-correctness, code-cleanliness, and code-performance, and which do so insanely fast. Isn’t that what we all want?


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