Office Hours

Hi, my name is Donato Borrello. In the last few years I’ve written Javascript libraries which touch millions of people daily, optimized C++ server-side applications, and moved my career from academic research, through finance and on to an internet video startup.

If you have any questions about

  • JavaScript –  present, past or future
  • Build systems – unix/grunt/npm
  • Modular design and development
  • Careers in Computer Science
  • Algorithms/data-structures

then I will gladly give you my ear, my time, and my best effort to help you figure it out.


Pre-Meeting Checklist

  1. Is Skype working for me?
  2. Do I sound clear through my mic?
  3. Have I added Donato (niaxin) on Skype?
  4. Do I have a code snippet or resume to share?
  5. Was my meeting actually confirmed?
To book a slot, send an email to

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