From a Home to Hosting an Art Exhibit

Sunset OverdriveSunset Overdrive


A small idea can be infectious and grow far beyond its original intent. This happened to me shortly after I moved into a loft on the upper east side. I had this vision of standing on the roof, dragging a paintbrush across canvas while looking out across the city. The house is only a few blocks from the Guggenheim museum and inspiration hangs thick in the summer air.

The small idea was to host a paint-party, where my artistically inclined friends and I could gather and learn from each other. I wanted to mix hobbyists, professionals, students and novices.

I had no idea that my roommates would take this idea with them to the Frieze Art Festival on governors island. That they would meet a curator and infect her with the idea too. That it would grow from a single day of painting to a month long art exhibit, featuring some of the coolest contemporary artwork I’ve ever seen, AND a live painting by Vernon O’Meally.



In the first stages, James Brook really got the ball rolling and I have to thank him for this. He scheduled meetings with Robin Kang -our tireless curator- and ultimately sold the idea to our fellow roommates and Robin.

The biggest thank you, of course has to go to Robin, who designed the entire experience. She created a cohesive theme and then gathered a set of diverse painters, sculptors and sewers to bring it to life. Robin was a leader among chaos, and created an event which is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The install took three days from Wednesday July 8th through Friday July 10th.
It was pretty wild watching Jeff hammer together his wooden, nomad inspired, chair; held together with no nails or screws just clever interlocking. I helped Nicole rip apart a sheet of foam which was refuse from a Brooklyn factory. We used the bits of foam to fill her hand-sewn nylon cushions. These things (designed as a deconstruction of the idea of snoopys playhouse) grew on me over time , until I truly feel like the roof will look odd without them.

A few minutes later I went downstairs to find Natalie Baxter, flippantly draping a cloth gun across the arms of a chair. The barrel hung, rather flacidly down almost touching the ground. Nearby Robin was screwing the iconic AC grills of Michael Assif into the wall – before asking me to hang his silent wind chimes from the roof of our hallway.


Everything was miraculously complete by that Saturday. We had our reception, hosting over 100 people over the course of that day.

As the de-install comes closer day by day, I can’t help but feel a little remorse. If I had the extra liquidity, I would love to invest in these custom silk curtains, or the handmade wooden/electronic-boat speakers.

Overall I feel grateful for the opportunity to not only share art, but live amongst it, for a brief moment in time.IMG_20150711_124056199

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